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About the Plan

Image of Real Map of IrelandOur Ocean Wealth 

Taking our seabed area into account, Ireland is one of the largest EU states; with sovereign or exclusive rights over one of the largest sea to land ratios (over 10:1) of any EU State.
Our ocean is a national asset, supporting a diverse economy, with vast potential to tap into the global marine market for: 
• seafood, 
• tourism, 
• energy, and 
• new applications for health, medicine and technology. 

Cover Image of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth

In parallel, our marine resource gives us many non-commercial benefits; for example, amenity, biodiversity and our mild climate. 
The Inter-Departmental Marine Coordination Group (MCG), on behalf of the Government, has developed Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth - An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland (HOOW). 
HOOW was informed and shaped by a consultation process in 2012 'Our Ocean Wealth: Seeking Your Views: New Ways; New Approaches; New Thinking'

Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth - An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland 

Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth sets out the Government’s Vision, High-Level Goals, and Key ‘Enabling’ Actions to put in place the appropriate policy, governance and business climate to enable our marine potential to be realised.  

Diagram of Our Vision, Goals and Enablers.


Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth from Marine Institute on Vimeo.