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Share your views on the roadmap for a sustainable blue economy in the EU

The European Commission roadmap on a new approach for a sustainable blue economy in the EU is open for feedback until 07 December 2020. 
View the roadmap and provide feedback here.

The European Commission would like to hear your views on a new approach for a sustainable blue economy in the EU. This initiative will identify ways to make the EU’s ‘blue economy’ more sustainable, in line with the European Green Deal. The EU’s blue economy encompasses all the economic activities related to oceans, seas and coasts, whether they take place in the marine environment (e.g. shipping, fisheries, land-based aquaculture), or on land (e.g. marine and coastal tourism, ports, shipyards). It is a wide, fast moving sector with a turnover of €750 million and employing 5 million people in 2018, with growth rates significantly higher over the last decade than in the overall land-based economy.

The goal of the initiative is to aid economic recovery and tackle climate change, by promoting sustainable products and services – e.g. marine renewable energy – that preserve the marine environment and maintain ocean health. In the next few years, the imperative of decarbonisation will likely change the face of the maritime economy, and more change is to be expected because of digitalization, climate change and the COVID-19 crisis. This systemic change carries with it threats and opportunities that transcend national borders and that need managing if we are to ensure long-term sustainability. Seas and oceans are a shared resource, whose health is a collective responsibility by international law (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea). For these reasons, public authorities should oversee the transition and make sure that the blue economy can recover speedily and fairly from the crisis, contribute to the European Green Deal (with particular regard to greenhouse gas emissions, circular economy, sustainable food systems and biodiversity), and become truly sustainable from an environmental, economic and social perspective.

The roadmap is open for feedback until 07 December 2020. Citizens and stakeholders are in particular invited to provide views on the European Commission's understanding of the problem and possible solutions and to make available any relevant information that they may have. Feedback will be taken into account for further development and fine tuning of the initiative. The Commission will summarise the input received in a synopsis report explaining how the input will be taken on board and, if applicable, why certain suggestions can't be taken up.

Initial Publication Date: 
Friday, 30 October, 2020