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Rethinking Boundaries and Innovation Theme at Our Ocean Wealth Summit

Our Ocean Wealth Summit, kindly sponsored by PwC Ireland, presents a valuable opportunity for those attending to hear experts and thought leaders on the challenges facing marine industries and to explore new solutions to meet these challenges.

Each year’s Summit has a different theme – with this year’s focusing on ‘Rethinking Boundaries and Innovation for a Sustainable Marine Economy’. Fitting in perfectly with this theme, the keynote speaker is author and innovator Tom Kelley of award-winning global design and development firm IDEO.

He will share his thoughts on the challenges facing the ocean environment and maritime sectors. During ‘The Drive for Innovation’ session, he will also inspire business leaders to engage in creative thinking and challenge perspectives in order to encourage new ideas and approaches. Following his keynote speech, broadcaster and Summit moderator Olivia O’Leary will conduct an interview with Tom, including an audience Q&A session.

‘Rethinking Boundaries and Innovation’ was chosen for this year’s Summit theme as it’s vital to seek new approaches and ways of thinking in order to enable our marine potential to be realised.

The Our Ocean Wealth Summit brings together those with an interest in the marine sector, from the fields of business, public administration and research. As a collective group, are there assumptions made about our marine sector and a consensus that needs to be challenged?

Dr Peter Heffernan, CEO of the Marine Institute, commented on the chosen theme, “The Summit theme recognises that there’s a need to regularly reassess the framework in which we work in and question if there’s a better or more innovative way to work.

“The thought leaders and experts taking part in the Summit bring their own wealth of experience and insight, and this collectively creates a highly innovative and collaborative environment at the event. At this year's Summit, delegates will be inspired by those leading the way in driving innovation to continue developing a sustainable marine economy for Ireland.”

Our Ocean Wealth Summit takes place on 30 June at NUI Galway –

A number of related marine industry and research events will also be held on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 June 2017, including the Digital Ocean Conference and the Marine Trade Show. BIM’s National SeaFood Conference, ‘Winning in a Changing Environment’ will also be held on Thursday 29 June.

Initial Publication Date: 
Friday, 23 June, 2017