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Ministers Endorse Loughs Agency Support for Carlingford Oyster Festival

North – South Body Plans to boost Seafood Marketing and Tourism
Carlingford, Friday 3rd May 2013

The North South Ministerial Council (NSMC) at its Aquaculture and Marine sectoral meeting today backed an initiative for the Lough Agency to support the Carlingford Oyster Festival taking place from the 8th to 11th of August 2013.

The NSMC meeting, held at Carlingford this morning, was attended by Minister Pat Rabbitte, TD, Minister Michelle O’Neill MLA, Minister Fergus O’Dowd, TD, and Minister Nelson McCausland MLA. Ministers were keen to endorse the proposals of the Loughs Agency to support the Festival.

The festival has been developed by the Carlingford Cooley Tourism Association, as a two day family oriented event, which showcases locally produced oysters and seafood. The Agency will work in partnership with the local festival organisers on the annual event which attracts large numbers of visitors to the Carlingford area.

Minister O Dowd emphasised that “the festival also offers a real opportunity to showcase local produce and bring an international focus on Carlingford Lough as a production area of distinction for excellence seafood . The involvement of the Agency will ensure that the whole event acts as a platform for increased marketing capacity”.

Minister O’Neill said: “The festival is a valuable social, economic and cultural event for the local community and also helps to promote the work of the local seafood producers. The Agency’s support demonstrates that its key role is not only about protection and enforcement but also to support development of the commercial potential of the seafood sector in conjunction with the stakeholders.”

Ministers were also keen to emphasise that the tourism and visitor potential of the Lough area should also benefit from a strong and vibrant Oyster Festival featuring as an attractive occasion on tourism and event calendars across the island and internationally.



Published: 3rd May 2013