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Minister Coveney Announces a €17.8M Fishery Harbour and Coastal Infastructure Capital Programme

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, today announced the full details of a €17.8m Capital Investment Package for the ongoing development of Ireland’s publicly owned fishery harbours and local harbour network .

In announcing the initiative the Minister said “I am delighted to announce the full details of my Departments €17.8m Fishery Harbour and Coastal Infrastructure Capital Programme for 2015. I have set aside €14.9m towards safety, maintenance and new development works at the six Fishery Harbour Centres at Howth, Dunmore East, Castletownbere, Dingle, Rossaveel and Killybegs, in addition to the completion of infrastructural improvement and storm damage repair works at North Harbour, Cape Clear which is also owned by my Department.”

Flagship projects in the 2015 Capital Programme (see table1)  include major dredging works at Dunmore East, the provision of small craft harbours and pontoons in Howth, Rossaveal and Killybegs, electrical upgrading in Castletownbere, and necessary remedial works to the main pier in Dingle. In addition, the Bull Nose Development and the Duffy’s Pier storm damage repair projects at North Harbour Cape Clear are to be completed.

The Minister went on to say “I have also allocated €1.5m for a Local Authority Harbour Development and Marine Leisure programme in 2015, and as an exceptional measure I am also providing in the region of €1.4m to facilitate the completion of a number of Local Authority Storm Damage projects which were approved in 2014 as part of the Governments response to the extreme weather conditions in late 2013 and early 2014, but not completed by the Local Authorities in 2014  due to time constraints and other issues. My Department will be contacting the Local authorities regarding these schemes shortly.”

The Minister concluded by saying “This is a significant level of investment in Ireland’s publicly owned fisheries and local harbour network. It will continue the implementation of the Governments  strategy to develop and improve the facilities at our Fishery Harbour Centres and other public harbours around our coast, benefitting a broad cohort of stakeholders including the fishing industry, seafood processing sector, other ancillary marine industries, marine tourism and leisure and the wider rural coastal communities”.


Table 1- Fishery Harbour & Coastal Infrastructure Development Programme 2015

Location Project Department Approved Funding
Cape Clear, Co. Cork. Bull Nose Development €900,000
Duffy’s Pier €900,000
Safety & Maintenance Works €50,000
Disability Access Works €10,000
  Piers, Lights & Beacons €136,000
All Fishery Harbour Centres Safety and Maintenance €1,440,000
Howth FHC Traffic Management Works €75,000
Provision of Small Craft Pontoon €1,000,000
Site investigation for West Pier pontoon and Middle Pier upgrade €150,000
Upgrading Electrical System – Phase 3 €150,000
Castletownbere FHC Power points & Electrical Upgrade €350,000
Sanitary Facilities Works €90,000
Harbour Slipway – Phase 1 €400,000
Replacement of Water Network – Dinish Island- design €20,000
Proposed Development South Side – Dinish Island- site investigation €30,000
An Daingean FHC Navigation Buoys Replacement €130,000
Main Pier sheet pile Remedial Works €200,000
Harbour Workshop and Marina Users Facilities Building - Design €40,000
Upgrade Harbour Entrance €150,000
Rossaveel FHC Phase 2 Small Craft Harbour €700,000
Construction of New Slipway – Design Phase €70,000
Dunmore East FHC Harbour Office Upgrade – Phase 2 €200,000
Breakwater design €150,000
Traffic Management Plan €15,000
Dredging Works €6,500,000
Killybegs FHC Improvement works to Shipyard Entrances €40,000
Small Craft Harbour – Phase 2 €700,000
Provision of additional bollards €60,000
Smooth Point Pier Extension – studies and preparation: €175,000
Power Outlets - Boatyard €40,000
Local Authority
Local Authority Harbour Development and Marine Leisure €1,500,000
Local Authority Storm Damage €1,400,000
  Total €17,771,000





Published: 13th March 2015