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Creed to host Brexit Discussion for the fisheries sector as part of Maritime festival

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed TD, announced today that he will be hosting a Brexit Discussion focused on the sea-fisheries sector in Galway as part of four days of marine themed events including the BIM National Seafood Conference and Seafest – Ireland’s national maritime festival.

Minister Creed said today that “The BIM National Seafood Conference and Seafest both create awareness of our maritime heritage and celebrate our seas and all the opportunities that they provide.   As part of that awareness, we must now also consider and plan for the Brexit negotiations and how our national sea fisheries interests will be best protected”.

The Minister went on to say that “Following a very useful dialogue with a wide range of seafood stakeholders earlier this year in Dublin I want to build upon the insights gained.  We need to be as fully informed as possible about the potential effects that could arise from Brexit.

Minister Creed will deliver the Discussion’s opening address to be followed by presentations by key European seafood industry leaders - Niels Wichmann, Chair of the North Sea Advisory Council and Emiel Brouckaert, Chair of the North Western Waters Advisory Councils.  A panel discussion will follow, including representatives of Ireland’s fishing industry, focusing on the potential issues arising from Brexit for fisheries.

This Brexit Discussion will take place on Thursday the 29th of June 2017 from 8.45am to 10.30am in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lough Atalia Road, Galway.

Minister Creed went on to say that, “The seafood sector faces challenges from Brexit that are unique.  We share a common resource that must be protected for the good of all. 

The Minister explained that those unique threats were potential loss of access to fishing grounds in the UK zone and possible attempts by the UK to increase its current quota share at the expense of Ireland and others.  Minister Creed said that “any changes to existing rights for the Irish and EU catching sector must and will be resisted strenuously.”

Concluding today’s announcement, Minister Creed said that “All of the events in Galway are about raising awareness of the resources and opportunities provided by our ocean wealth.  Brexit is a potential threat to part of those opportunities for which we must be fully prepared.”

Initial Publication Date: 
Monday, 19 June, 2017