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7th February - Minister Coveney Highlights Ireland’s Extraordinary Marine Natural Resource at the Atlantic Area Conference: The Marine Economy – A Key Component of the EU Integrated Strategy for the Atlantic Area

Minister Coveney informed the conference of his Department’s role in the preparation of an integrated marine plan for Ireland and invited submissions from all stakeholders before the end of March next. Minister Coveney stated that the marine sector was a huge global industry with the potential to generate sustainable wealth and that Ireland has the capacity to take a leadership position in marine technologies, building on the world class research and innovation facilities. He welcomed the EU’s proposed Atlantic Strategy and stated that Ireland would be at the heart of this new strategy. He called for greater ambition in Ireland to fulfil the obvious potential within the marine sector.

Further details including copies of presentations are available on the BMW Regional Assembly website:


Source: MCG Bureau

Published: 14th February 2012