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European Maritime Day to focus on investment in the Blue Economy

Every year the international conference and exhibition that celebrate European Maritime Day offer maritime stakeholders a dynamic platform for dialogue and exchange. The outcomes of the event also help shape the European Commission's vision for maritime policy for the years ahead.

This year's conference, hosted in Turku, Finland, on 18 and 19 May, is entitled "Investing in smart and sustainable solutions for competitive Blue Growth" and focusses on unlocking investment in the blue economy.

In Turku, over 1000 participants will be able to choose among 21 stakeholder workshops, 5 thematic sessions (Investing in blue growth, Improving ocean governance, Boosting skills development, Harnessing clean energy and Facilitating joint action) and 2 'Leadership Exchange' panels. The two-day event is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the City of Turku and the Finnish Government.

The role that ports play in the maritime economy will be recurring this year through images. The photo competition organised by the European Commission through social networks, called #MyPortForTurku, attracted almost 600 pictures from 166 ports in 24 countries as well as 45 sponsors. Fifty works, chosen by an independent jury for their distinction, have now been selected and are being exhibited at European Maritime Day in Turku. They will then go through several other European cities: a travelling exhibition of the vast diversity and unique value of European harbours. The finalists, including two images of Cork Harbour,  can be viewed here.

As Maritime Day is a pan-European celebration of the sea in all its forms, during the month of May another 30 events are taking place throughout the EU in the form of workshops, open door days at museums or aquaria, school projects and much more. The city of Turku itself will host several side events in the days following the main conference.). For more information and to view some of the speeches from the opening session please click here.