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Our Ocean Wealth


Integrated Marine Plan

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Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth – An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland
Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth sets out the Government’s Vision, High-Level Goals, and Key ‘Enabling’ Actions the Government will take to put in place the appropriate policy, governance and business climate to enable our marine potential to be realised. It will ensure our natural ocean assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which our well-being relies.
The Plan sets out 39 actions and an implementation model which includes a number of integrated Government delivery mechanisms aimed at supporting an integrated system of policy and programme planning for our marine affairs. The Plan also sets out a series of early actions that will form the basis of a 2012–2014 Roadmap. Delivering on the Plan demands an increasingly integrated, dynamic and interactive approach.  An annual review (commencing in 2014), including feedback to stakeholders, will promote the evolution of existing structures and plans for harnessing our ocean wealth.

Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth: Vision

Our ocean wealth will be a key element of our economic recovery and sustainable growth, generating benefits for all our citizens, supported by coherent policy, planning and regulation and managed in an integrated manner.
Three high-level goals, of equal importance, based on the concept of sustainable development have been developed. 
Goal 1 focuses on a thriving maritime economy, whereby Ireland harnesses the market opportunities to achieve economic recovery and socially inclusive, sustainable growth. 
Goal 2 sets out to achieve healthy ecosystems that provide monetary and non-monetary goods and services (e.g. food, climate, health and well-being).
Goal 3 aims to increase our engagement with the sea. Building on our rich maritime heritage, our goal is to strengthen our maritime identity and increase our awareness of the value (market and non-market), opportunities and social benefits of engaging with the sea. 

Our Vision

An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland - Roadmap